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Amos G. Ward Detention Center

The Detention Division of the Sheriff’s Office operates the Amos G Ward Detention Facility.
The detention center was built in 2000 and named for former Rogers County Sheriff, Amos G Ward.
The men and women assigned to the Detention Division are responsible for the security of the physical facility, the inmates housed in the facility and the visitors coming in and out of the facility. Officers face challenges every day and no one day is like the other.
The Amos G Ward Detention Center holds approximately 250 inmates and employs 35 officers.

Amos G. Ward

Sheriff Amos G Ward was the 12th Sheriff of Rogers County and was sworn in January of 1949 and served until his retirement in 1981.
Amos G. Ward was born on September 29, 1916 in Leach, Oklahoma.  Amos grew up working as a cowboy and after his school he worked on the famed Mullendore Ranch breaking horses.  In 1941, eleven months before Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, Amos entered the U.S. Army and served 5 years with the 45th Division, on September 6, 1945, he was honorably discharged from the military.  In 1948, Amos decided to run for sheriff of Rogers County and won.  Amos was sworn in in 1949 at the age of 31 and was the youngest sheriff elected in Oklahoma to that point.  Amos spent the first ten years of his law enforcement career chasing illegal whiskey runners out Rogers County and found success.  Under Sheriff Ward, the Rogers county Sheriff’s Office and Detention Center grew significantly and Rogers County was well known for its sheriff and deputies in the state.

Former Sheriff Amos G Ward pictured after discovering bootlegged alcohol