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Inmate mail must be addressed to:

Inmate Name

c/o Rogers County Jail
114 S Missouri Ave.
Claremore, OK 74017

Inmates of the Rogers County Jail and friends and family of inmates may correspond through the US Postal Service.  Stamps, envelopes, paper and pencils are available for purchse through commissary.  If an inmate is deemed to be indigent, they may be eligbile for writing supplies at no cost.  The following rules apply when sending/recieving mail in the Amos G Ward Detention Center:

  • All incoming and outgoing mail, except legal, religious, or officeial mail, must be in the form of regular letters, approved greeting cards, plain white post cards, or post cards with approved images.
  • Personal mail containing official documents, or documents that require the inmate to complete and return, will be delivered to the inmate with instructions, if included in the envelope.
  • To be accepted, incoming mail must be marked with the inmate’s first and last name, name number (if known), C/O the Amos G. Ward Detention Center and be addressed to:
    • 114 S Missouri Ave.
    • Claremore, OK 74017
  • Ooutgoing mail, except legal mail, will be left unsealed until it can be inspected by detention staff.
    • Mail will have first and last name on the front of the envelope
    • There will be no writing or drawings on the outside of the envelope except your first and last name.
    • Stamp will be on the front side of the envelope
    • No colored drawings
  • Incoming mail, except legal mail, will be inspected by detention staff prior to being delivered to the inmate.
  • Up to five (3) photographs, (inmate only allowed to have 3 in cell) multiple letters with pictures will be sent back, no larger than 4×6, and no polaroid-style, can be included with a letter or card.
  • Letter may not contain more than 4 pages of paper.
  • Mail may not contain the following:
    1. Postcards that have been altered or defaced
    2. Any markings with paint, crayon, or marker (only black ink or pencil)
    3. Stickers
    4. Watermarks or stains
    5. Biohazards, including lipstick or perfume
    6. Nudity, weapons, or gang references
    7. Glitter
    8. Greeting cards with embossing, electronics, or anything over sized
    9. No colored envelopes
    10. No collages of pictures

Incoming legal mail will be delivered to the inmate and opened in their presence.  It is subject to inspection, but will not be read unless reasonable suspicion exist that abuse of legal correspondence is taking place, and not unless authorized by jail administration.  Outgoing legal mail must be submitted directly to a staff member for inspection in the inmates presence.  It will be returned to the inmate for sealing, to be immediatley returned to staff.

If the inmate is found to be in possession of an unreasonable amount of personal correspondence, or they are unablet to keep their personal effects neat and organized, they will be directed to submit excess items to staff to be placed in their property bag.